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Ticket submission process
Posted by Anton Dyachenko on 21 September 2018 08:30 AM

In order to submit a ticket please login to Customer Portal account and choose a Department according to your plan.

Please make sure to include as much information as possible about your issue to speed up resolution process:


- Detailed description of the issue.

- What platforms this issue relates to (Android, iOS or Web).

- What SDK versions you are using for each platform.

- If the issue intermittent or permanent.

- The steps to reproduce the issue on our side.

- If this issue can be reproduced on our Simple Samples.

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Developers documentation and Knowledgebase articles
Posted by Darya Volobueva on 02 March 2016 04:31 PM


Dear QuickBlox users!


We would like to draw your attention that there is a detailed documentation for all modules at your service, with really useful information and examples of one or another feature implementation.


Please read the documentation carefully on  quickblox  site and in our Knowledgebase, it may contain the answers to most of questions.


 In case of issues with our samples please let us know providing as many details as possible, like:

- Error logs;

- Exact steps that you followed;

- The code fragment where the error appears etc.


 We also would like to mention that QuickBlox support team works with platform-oriented tasks only, if you need some custom development or more information about pricing, kindly contact our Sales team: 


We wish you inspiration and great apps.


Sincerely yours QuickBlox team!


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