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QuickBlox - new Swift Conference Video Call Sample
Posted by Alexander Kobetz on 09 July 2020 02:15 PM

We would like to announce a new Swift Conference Video Call Sample release.

The source code is found here: sample-conference-videochat-swift


new chat creation (conference room)

leaving a chat (conference room)

adding a new member to a chat (conference room)

participating in a conference call

participating in a stream: as a publisher (streamer) or subscriber (watcher)

viewing app info

changing settings

sending and receiving text messages and attachments

ending a conference (leaving a call)

enabling/disabling opponent's audio stream

camera swapping

enabling/disabling camera (video stream)

muting/unmuting the microphone


Conference call mode.

All participants can send and receive audio and video streams, there can be up to 12 participants.

A conference call can be started only in chats with 12 or less members, If the conference call has at least 1 participant it is considered as active.

Stream mode.

A streamer (the call creator) can publish his/hers audio and video streams while other stream participants can only receive it, there can be up to 500 participants and 1 streamer.


Thank you for using QuickBlox!

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