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QuickBlox new version of iOS ObjC Chat Sample (v 4.0.3) has been released
Posted by Maksym Pidhorbunskyi on 13 October 2020 10:56 AM

We’re glad to announce new version of iOS ObjC Chat Sample (v 4.0.3) with a fresh design and with a lot of improvements and features.


- added new Login Screen;
- added logic of new validation rules with email and login in one field;

- added new styles;

- added new Splash Screen;

- added design to Chat Info screen;

- added new Screen with entering Dialog name when adding new group dialog;

- added new design to Dialogs Screen;

- added new design to Select Users screen;

- added custom ScrollView with max-height property;

- added sending and displaying video files;

- changed list appearance in Select Users Screen;

- added pagination logic to Select Users Screen;

- added shadows displaying on old devices;

- added the First letter on users avatar;

- added Year format YY to yy for some devices;

- added new Chat Screen design;
- added new and faster layouts for messages - now messages list displays and scrolls faster than before;
- added functionality to pick image from the gallery, file manager;

- added functionality for picking photo device cameras;

- added popup menu with functions of forwarding and viewing message info;

- added new screens with message information;

- added long tap logic on message item;

- added logic for displaying of broken or not valid photo attachments;

- added functionality for sending typing status and receiving appropriate callback with displaying on UI;

- added messages forwarding feature - new Forward Screen and logic to forward any type of messages and receive them;

- Dialogs screen works faster than before;

- Chat Info Screen now displays changes in users list without reloading;

- Added trimming messages length to 1000 symbols.


Find the link to download here: iOS ObjC Chat Sample v.4.0.3

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