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QuickBlox Swift Chat Sample v 4.0.2 has been released
Posted by Taya Kuleshova on 12 February 2020 02:55 PM

Dear QuickBlox users!

We would like to present to you the new version of Swift Chat Sample. It is a great way for developers using the QuickBlox platform to learn how to integrate Swift chat and add text and image attachments. Now Swift Chat Sample v.4.0.2 is available with various new features and fixes.

  • New graphic changes:
    • added new styles;
    • added design to Chat Info screen;
    • added new Chat Screen design;
    • added new design to Dialogs Screen;
    • added new design to Select Users screen;
    • added shadows displaying on old devices;
    • added the First letter on users avatar;
  • New logic:
    • added logic of new validation rules with email and login in one field;
    • added pagination logic to Select Users Screen;
    • added long tap logic on message item;
    • added logic for displaying of broken or not valid photo attachments;
  • New functionality:
    • added sending and displaying video files;
    • added functionality to pick an image from the gallery, file manager;
    • added functionality for picking photo device cameras;
    • added functionality for sending typing status and receiving appropriate callback with displaying on UI;
    • added messages forwarding feature - new Forward Screen and logic to forward any type of messages and receive them;
  • New features:
    • added new Login Screen;
    • added new Splash Screen;
    • added new Screen with entering Dialog name when adding new group dialog;
    • added custom ScrollView with the max-height property;
    • added Year format YY to yy for some devices;
    • added new and faster layouts for messages - now messages list displays and scrolls faster than before;
    • added popup menu with functions of forwarding and viewing message info;
    • added new screens with message information;
    • added trimming messages length to 1000 symbols;
  • Fixes:
    • dialogs screen works faster than before;
    • chat Info Screen now displays changes in users list without reloading;
    • changed list appearance in Select Users Screen;

You can always find all the latest releases via these links:

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