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On May 30, 2020, there was a global issue caused by the expiration of Sectigo’s AddTrust External CA Root certificate (COMODO provider).

According to the official information, services like QuickBlox that are using SSL Certificates to encrypt HTTP(s) traffic should not be affected by these changes.

But unfortunately Root Certificate updating affected a big amount of services and servers all around the world, as COMODO provider have released a new CA bundle without supporting Android 5.0 and lower due to specific logiс on old OS versions and browsers.

That is the reason why some of our customers could experience inconveniences recently.

QuickBlox DevOps team has applied the renewed certificate for the correct work of all functionalities and updated all the necessary packages additionally.

If you are still experiencing issues with Android 5.0 and lower, please submit a ticket.

Thank you for staying with us.

Sincerely yours,
QuickBlox team.


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